Use the links below to print a relevant meeting list

We recommend that you only print meetings lists as you require them or in small numbers because meeting times and locations are subject to change.

Pro Tip! If you are printing a A4 Tri-Fold or Quad fold set your printer to duplex/double sided/short edge top.

If printing from chrome, watch this video.

All Australian Meetings (B5 Booklet)

Canberra/A.C.T (A4 Tri-fold)

Queensland  (A4 Tri-fold)

Cairns (A4 Tri-fold)

Gold Coast (A4 Tri-fold)

Sunshine Coast (A4 Tri-fold)

Sydney Metro (A4 Tri-fold)

NSW Southern Regional/Country Meetings (A4 Tri-fold)

NSW Northern Regional/Country Meetings (A4 Tri-fold)

NSW Coffs Kempsey (A4 Tri-fold)

Victoria (A4 Tri-fold)

South Australia (A4 Tri-fold)

Western Australia (A4 Tri-fold)

Tasmania (A4 Tri-fold)

Northern Territory (A4 Tri-fold)