The primary function of Outreach Fellowship Development in the Australian Region is to support individuals, groups or small communities to grow NA in their local community.

Supporting Individuals

If you are an addict who finds themselves in isolation, we can support you. You may be isolated for geographical reasons, or unable to attend face to face meetings for other reasons such as health issues – whatever the reason, recovery is still possible. Narcotics Anonymous is a program of Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions designed to help addicts find recovery, regardless of where they may be.

We suggest you read all the NA literature you can get, and if possible, attend an NA meeting. If there are no meetings in your Area, or you can not get to one, check out the online meetings. Online NA meetings can play an important part in our recovery: when we are at a distance from face to face meetings, when we are disabled in some way, when we have young children, when we want to know what NA is all about!

We can connect with other recovering addicts by way of message boards, recovery chat rooms and online meetings. For more information please visit Australian Online Meetings page and NA@Home meetings.  There are also many online meeting options around the world in multiple languages at virtual-na.org.

There is help available on how to join and participate in online meetings here.

If you are an isolated addict and need assistance, please contact us here  Or if you need to speak to a member, or find a meeting 1300 652 820 or 0488 811 247

This service works best from an unblocked mobile number as it will SMS you meetings information so you don’t have to write it down. Search by voice or send an SMS with Suburb/City and State/Territory to 0488 811 247 and the service will send you a list of meetings within the next 24 hour period starting with the closest available. (EG Paddington NSW)

Supporting Groups and Communities

Maybe you have a local NA meeting or two, but these meetings and groups are not a part of an Area Service Committee. The Outreach Fellowship Development subcommittee is here to support you. Some of the ways we can provide support to isolated groups or communities include;

· Provide a link to the service structure and provide groups with updates from the Australian Region Service Committee (ARSC) including minutes of ARSC meetings.

· Provide groups who make a request, with hard copies of the NA Today magazine when they are published.

· Provide groups with assistance to source literature for their group.

· Provide support and guidance in conjunction with the PR subcommittee for groups that wish to do local PR work to help spread the message of NA.

· Support small communities of meetings to establish a Service Structure and/or coordinated service efforts for the community. When ready the Outreach Fellowship Development Subcommittee will assist the community in preparing a Seating Application to the ARSC.

If you are the contact person for an isolated group and would like to get in contact with us please do so here.

Supporting Areas

The Australian Regional Service Committee (ARSC) currently has 19 Seated Areas. The Outreach Fellowship Development Subcommittee can provide Seated Areas with support including;

· Outreach Fellowship Development will be the primary contact for Areas requesting a Regional Workshop. The Subcommittee can help your Area identify which topic of workshop would be most helpful to your Area. Your Area can request a workshop to be virtual, face to face, or hybrid depending on your needs and we recommend that it be accompanied by an Area event such as a Unity Day or Convention.

  • Help your Area increase their Unity and Outreach efforts. We have developed several tools to assist including a fun game designed to get members travelling different meetings.
  • Support your Outreach or Fellowship Development Subcommittee and welcome those members to attend our monthly Subcommittee meetings.
  • Provide follow up contact to Seated Areas that have not been present at the ARSC to re-establish that connection and provide support on the re-establishment of Areas that may not have been functional. The Outreach Fellowship Development Subcommittee can assist an Area in preparing a Seating Application to the ARSC if your Area wishes to be Seated.

If you are an RCM or the local contact and wish to request any of the above services or contact us about another issue please do so here.


One of the first suggestions many of us hear when we begin attending NA meetings is to get a sponsor. As newcomers, we may not understand what this means. What is a sponsor? How do we get and use one? Where do we find one? This is intended to serve as a brief introduction to sponsorship. Our Basic Text tells us that “the heart of NA beats when two addicts share their recovery,” and sponsorship is simply one addict helping another. The two-way street of sponsorship is a loving, spiritual, and compassionate relationship that helps both the sponsor and sponsee.

Sponsorship is a personal and private relationship that can mean different things to different people. Most members think of a sponsor, first and foremost, as someone who can help us work the Twelve Steps of NA, and sometimes the Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts. A sponsor is not necessarily a friend, but may be someone in whom we confide. We can share things with our sponsor that we might not be comfortable sharing in a meeting.

Sponsorship Program

To get a sponsor, all we need to do is ask. While this is simple, it may not be easy. Many of us are afraid to ask someone to be our sponsor. The best place to look for a sponsor is at an NA meeting. For isolated addicts, there may not be anyone suitable to ask due to the small size of your local meeting.

If you are an isolated addict who would like to be connected to a sponsor please submit an expression of interest in our Sponsorship Program and we can provide you with some support in finding someone suitable.

If you are a recovering addict who has experience working the 12 Steps and are in a position to share your gift of recovery by sponsoring an addict in isolation please submit an expression of interest in our Sponsorship Program.

NA World Services Website

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