Welcome to the Narcotics Anonymous Northern Australia Service Area Webpage

What is the Narcotics Anonymous Northern Australia Service Area?

The Narcotics Anonymous Northern Australia Service Area (NANASA) was created at the Local Service Conference (LSC) in October 2019 to incorporate Greater Queensland and the Northern Territory into one service area.

The Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast Fellowships are not included in the NANASA as they deliver services as separate entities.

How can Northern Australian members use this webpage?

Below you will find various links to information that you may find useful.  You will also find tabs at the top of this webpage that will link you to specific elements of the Northern Australia service area including:

  • post agendas, minutes and action items from Group Consciences, GSFs, Board meetings, H&I Hub meetings and Local Service Conferences
  • get information on service supported in Northern Australia including GSFs, workshop, H&I Hub, Local Service Conferences
  • register for Hospitals and Institutions service
  • access bank details to fund flow group Seventh Tradition
  • advertise service positions
  • post blog entries
  • participate in surveys and questionnaires

How do I post Group Conscience and GSF minutes to the webpage?

About the Northern Australia Service Board

More about about the Board and its Membership

About the Group Service Forums (GSF’s)

What is a Local Service Conference?

How can Groups Fund Flow (contribute funds to the NANASA)?

What is the Fellowship Services Office (FSO)?

What is NAWS?