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Brisbane Inner City GSF Minutes

Narcotics Anonymous

Qld, Brisbane, Inner City

Group Support Forum

1.30pm – 3.00pm

Host: Rainbow Recovery, Wed 6.15 New Farm


Rainbow Recovery: Janice, Jason, Adam, Eliza, Sonja and Karl

Spring Hill: Mikhala, Ben

Lunchys: Brad, Ben, Gretel

Farsi Spring Hill: Sam

Sunday Paddo: Jason

West End Wed: Jenny

Saturday new farm PM: Kandis

Started with Eliza reading the Service Prayer.

Topics from previous GSF

Christmas BBQ

  • there was money owing from expenses on the BBQ
  • Lunchy’s put in $20
  • West End going to see about putting in $20

Brisbane Convention

  • Has been one meeting
  • Jenny coordinating
  • Needs venue, discussed benefits of self catering
  • Discussed Villiers st as venue?

Local Service Conference

  • Venue: west end? Community centre? Villiers?
  • Inner city group needs to organise catering and venue.
  • Date – early May
  • Janice and Eliza put hands up to investigate catering and venue

Group Report Backs

Rainbow Recovery

  • 13 home group members (numbers have tripled)
  • Service roles have changed
  • Now has a greeter with a rainbow badge that says ‘greeter’
  • Rent paid until mid year
  • $300 to area in December
  • Trying to make it a safe space for all
  • Group voted down the suggestion of making it a closed meeting
  • Group wants to make it a safe space for newcomers from Queer community.

Farsi Spring Hill Meeting

  • New, had first meeting – 10 attendees
  • Meeting is done in Farsi language, but all are welcome (and can share in English if don’t speak Farsi)
  • Literature and preamble will be in Farsi

Sunday Paddo

  • $180 in the bank
  • 3 active home group members
  • 20-25 people attending each week

Wednesday West End

  • Costs covered
  • Attendance is up and down
  • Kitchen reno’s at the moment, banners have gone missing

Spring Hill Steps and Traditions

  • Have moved upstairs (same church) to a bigger room with air con.
  • Doing steps one week, tradition the next week – all positive feedback on new format
  • Bigger room has been at full capacity each week with around 40 people attending each week.
  • 20+ regular attending home group members
  • Christmas meeting was a big success with rehab people able to attend


  • Everything is good
  • Regularly attending home group members

Saturday Night

  • 3-4 home group members
  • ID meeting now
  • Discussed explaining what an ID meeting is at beginning of the meeting for those who don’t understand

Discussion – New Topics

  • Promoting sales of literature
  • At the start of meetings, stand for attention rather than yellow ‘shh, shutup’ etc.. as this can put people off and freaks out people who don’t have English as their first language
  • Guide to Local Services – available on NAWS website. Has info on service roles.
  • Uniting Brisbane’s different groups (north, south, west and inner city) – how to create unity
    • Discussed making it our own personal choices to go and attend meetings all across Brisbane to keep lines of communication open
  • New phone line system
    • No feedback, which is probably good feedback
  • Group service roles, clean time requirements
    • See group guide on naws
  • Jenny mentioned that googling “NAWS + [question]” will help us answer any questions we have about service etc.

Closed with Serenity Prayer in the plural at 3.00pm

NA QLD Bank statement


Logan Bayside GSF Minutes 01/12/18

118 Station Road, Bethania

1st December 2008,1.30-3pm

Present: Nicolette; Samuel; Allan; Kylie; Nick; Santos; Jeff (via phone)


Apologies: JJ; Lyndon; Bney; Don; Jess

Opened with Serenity Prayer – plural

Read 10th Concept

Around the room ID

Samuel – Acacia Ridge (Wednesday)

  • Rent is paid until Dec 2018
  • Literature order is needed
  • Key replacement
  • 10-15 attending
  • Need service positions filled

Jeff- Daisy Hill (Tuesday)

  • $208
  • Paid $360 rent in advance
  • $140 spent on literature
  • Good attendance 20-30+

Nick – Alex Hills (Saturday)

  • Rent paid until December 2018
  • Current balance $188.95
  • Supporting Alex Hills Monday night
  • Secretary position is vacant
  • Literature complications with order – over 2 months wait for order to be delivered
  • 13-16 people attending

Kylie –Alex Hills (Monday)

  • Positions filled
  • 10-12 people attending
  • Rent paid in advance
  • Current balance $10
  • Needing literature but will be supported by Wynnum & Alex Hills (Saturday)


Allan –Loganlea (Sunday)

  • New GSR hasn’t attended GSF
  • Secretary position is vacant
  • Rent paid for remaining of 2018
  • $40
  • 10-15 attendance
  • Literature & key tags up to date

Nicollette –Bethania

  • Keytags – required
  • Basic text – required
  • $133
  • Rent – will talk to Brodie
  • Approximately 5-8ppl


Nicollette –Bethania (Saturday)

  • $47.50
  • Rent paid on 8th
  • Literature & key tags –good
  • 10-15 ppl


Nicollette –Beenleigh (Friday)

  • $277.31
  • Rent paid until end of 2018
  • Literature is up to date
  • 10-18 ppl

Samuel –Wynnum (Thursday)

  • $230
  • $75 order of literature
  • Rent is current
  • $35 – Poster printing
  • 25-40 ppl
  • Service positions filled



  • New Business


Logan to start putting updates on the online forum

How to run a GSF Workshop (to be discussed at next GSF)

Suggestion made to create an event organising position for Logan Bayside

Look for more ways to promote NA in Logan area (attraction not promotion)

Advertise “Service” in recovery shares and share the benefits of service work

Suggestion made to host a “Sponsor & Service Workshop” next year

Suggestion made that Logan Bayside put together a bid for 2020 Greater QLD Convention – To be discussed at next GSF

Events –

  • “Logan Christmas in the Park” Saturday 22/12/18 @ Riverdale Park 12pm; Bring a plate; Flyers to be made; will include games & entertainment
  • Australia Day Event – 26/1/2019 a BBQ at Wynnum foreshore; Take it back to all groups as to a $20 donation from each group to cover costs; Provide Samuel with the $; Flyers to be made up – 137 Wynnum Esplanade, Wynnum QLD 4178 ? Query on address

Next GSF consider time / 19th January 2019 12-3pm TBC

Meeting Closed in Serenity Prayer