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LGBTIQ WED Treasurers report

Brisbane Inner City – Group Support Forum – March 2019

Narcotics Anonymous

Brisbane Inner City  – Group Support Forum

Host: Lunchies – New Farm – Weekdays – 12:15 – 1:15 pm
Location: Neighborhood Community Centre

967 Brunswick Street, New Farm, Queensland 4005

Date: Saturday, 9th March 2019
Time: 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Attendees: West End Wednesday night:  Jenny W

New Farm Lunchies:  Eliza W

Paddington Sunday morning:  Eliza W

Rainbow Recovery Wednesday night:  Adam D, Jason T

Apologies: Spring Hill Steps and Traditions

Farsi Spring Hill

New Farm Saturday Night Id

Villiers Street Monday New Farm

New Farm Friday Night Discussion

Men’s Meeting – Thursday Night New Farm

West End Tuesday Night

Sunday Women’s Meeting

Paddington Thursday Night


Previous GSF Topics

1.   Christmas BBQ

  • There was money owing from the BBQ per last GSF.
  • Adam has contacted inner city groups for contributions, but unsure if it they were actioned.
  • Discussed a gold coin donation may alleviate issues for future events.

2.   Brisbane Unity Weekend

  • Brisbane convention is rebranded as a unity weekend.
  • Is progressing well with active committee members.
  • Venue is booked and paid for.
  • Committee meeting tomorrow.

3.   Local Service Conference

  • No further discussion.
  • Inner city group needs to organize venue and catering.
  • Early may.

Group Report Backs

1.   Rainbow Recovery Wednesday night New Farm

  • Has a massive 26 home group members.
  • Unable to fund flow as a result of the uncertainty around venue.
  • Fair atmosphere of recovery:
  • Members must be mindful of other members situations.
  • It was proposed to only contact members while they are at a meeting so as not to disturb their home life.
  • Tradition seven (7) discussion:
  • Discussion around the spirit of the tradition and how that applies to subsidized venue fees.
  • Discussion about whether a subsidy is an outside contribution.

2.   Lunchies – Weekdays New Farm

  • Has only three (3) home group members.
  • Two (2) of which are unable to effectively serve in administrative roles.
  • If the administrative roles of treasurer or secretary are unable to be filled in the next few weeks, the meeting may have to close.
  • NA Related Announcement: Members are encouraged to announce the above over the next two (2) weeks in order to rally support.

3.   Paddington – Sunday Morning

  • Meeting is struggling to pay rent.
  • Unable to fund flow.
  • Has a good atmosphere of recovery.

4.  West End Wednesday night

  • Has a core group of home group members
  • Good atmosphere of recovery

New GSF Topics

1.   Brisbane Inner City Representative (BICR)

  • Mikhala’s departure L leaves the BICR service position open.
  • Duties include:
  • Attend all GSFs and LCSs.
  • Type and post all GSF and LCS minutes to the NA Greater Queensland website.
  • Facilitate communication with the board.
  • Jason T was voted in to serve in this position.

2.   GSF Attendance

  • Despite regular announcements GSF attendance was low.
  • Consider holding on a Sunday before Spiritual concepts when attendance seems to be higher.
  • Adam to obtain contact details for the Secretaries of each of the Brisbane Inner City meetings.

3.   Next GSF

  • Was not discussed.
  • To be scheduled in the first weekend of April.
  • Jason to contact inner city meetings for a volunteer.


Serenity prayer in the plural.

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