Brisbane Inner City GSF Minutes – 30/06/18

Hosted by Tuesday Night – West End

Chair – Dave S

Minutes – Bruce G

  1. Open with the Service Prayer
  2. Attendance – Bruce G.(NF Monday), Brad (Lunchies), Eliza (Paddo Sunday), Matty (observing), Peter (observing), Mikaela (SpringHill Tuesday), Adam (Sunday Spiritual Concepts) Cameron J, Dave S (Tuesday Westend)
  3. Service Prayer
  4. Group Reports –
    • Padddo Sunday (Eliza new secretary, Jason B is new Treasurer)  Old treasurer has absconded with the group 7th ($140).  Attendance is small but a lot of rehab attendees.  Plans to purchase a newcomer banner once we have enough funds.  4 home group members. Group challenges – Eliza is feeling burnt out by having to do everything at the meeting.  Seeking support.  Should we accept funds from another meeting? – Suggested that the group follow the  7th Tradition. If the meeting is not sustainable perhaps its not needed.
    • Lunchtime Meetings (Brad)  Brad is the new Treasurer (Eliza is the secretary),  $513.62 opening balance $300 fund flowed to Area.  Closing balance of $213.. in bank account.  Averaging 80 People per week.  Wish to purchase a newcomer banner in coming weeks.  Rent is paid until December. 6 home group members. $24.50 from one of the  meeting day secretaries who has relapsed and hasn’t handed back anything.
    • Sunday Spiritual Concepts – (Adam) Group Conscience last Sunday – Changing preamble about mentioning alcohol. 6 active members.  No rehab members.  Interested in some new banners.  Considering becoming more transparent with group takings announced at meetings.  All group positions filled.  Group holding around $200 (TBC)
    • Tuesday Springhill – (Mikaela) 90 donated to Area.  Literature in stock.  10 home group members.  Forever considering new venues.   Maybe move upstairs. Ali and Mikaela celebrating birthdays on this coming Tuesday. Considering adding Traditions to the agenda.
    • Tuesday West End – (Dave S) 13 ave attendance.  Building under repairs so meeting not happening.  Meeting resumes this week (3rd July).  Strong second half.  No group funds.  6 Active group members.  We have a newcomers banner! Rent is up to date and plenty of literature.
    • Monday night New Farm – Rent is due, $242 in bank account.  Literature in stock.  All group positions filled.  Undertaking update to signatories on bank account.
  5. PR

Plan to undertake PR activity

    • Build database of Organisations who provide services for addicts or who may deal with addicts
    • Email service providers about our services including how to print a current meetings list for their clients
    • Plan Poster Run targeting service providers we have made contact
    • Write funding proposal to the board for the Poster run

Actions – Cam to send database of Medical Centres and Dr Surgeries

Workshop activity – Identify Service Providers


Belmont Hospital

New Farm Clinic


Gladstone Rd Medical Centre

Dr Wendle

Graham Lister

Aftercare Care (Wooloongabba)


Indigenous Services?

Parole and Corrections

Commissioner for Jails (Adam to follow up with a contact)

Dosing Chemists

Trivia Night – Benny A considering running a trivia night.  Was going to present here and workshop.

  1. LSC – What happens in relation to Minutes from this event?  Where are they?  How does the board intend to communicate with members? We would like to formally express our disappointment that no information has come back from the Board since the LSC.
  2. Next GSF – Last weekend in July 28th Venue TBA
  3. Back to Groups – Ask for volunteer group members to participate in poster run

Phone Line

Phone line info

Public Relations

PR Stuff goes here