NA Northside GSF 6th May 2018



LAWNTON SHOW GROUND:               9:30AM – 11.30AM



Michele – Caboolture                              Chair

Deebs – Deception Bay                          Minute taking

Jackie – Nundah

John – Strathpine



Deb – Sandgate

Liah – Sandgate










Discussion of previous minutes/old business:


  • Attending groups only to contribute to the GSF 7th tradition. Current funds held $34
  • LSC rep: Rob has resigned as GSR with Deebs as alternate to step into position
  • John has tried to contact Kristian of Mitchelton meeting to ascertain participation in Northside GSF with no success
  • BBQ: Northside bbq was a great success with roughly 40 adults in attendance and numerous kids.   All Northside meetings have received positive feedback and requests for another bbq/activity to happen in the near future. General thanks Northside meetings/members that participated and a special mention to Lisa of Sandgate that came and provided tea and coffee to all.
  • Emails need to be forwarded to ALL members in the group to keep messages/information transparent.



Group reports:


Nundah womens:  Group is doing well with consistent numbers in attendance.  Rent is up to date and group has just purchased some literature to sell.  Looking at saving up to purchase a “serenity prayer” banner.


Deception Bay:  Group is doing well with consistent numbers in attendance.  Rent is up to date and literature stocks up.  Keeping funds at community level (activities, etc) until fund flow is clarified by LSC.


Caboolture:  Group is doing well with consistent numbers in attendance.  Rent is up to date and literature stocks up.  Keeping funds at community level (activities, etc) until fund flow is clarified by LSC.


Strathpine:  Group is doing well with consistent members in attendance.  Rent is up to date and literature stocks up. Fund flowing and has prudent reserve.


Sandgate:  TBA




Agenda Items/New Business:


  • John concerned about structure of the meeting and would like the chair, if raising issues of a controversial nature where they are personally invested, to pass the chairing responsibility over to another member. All members present agreed. John would also like people to be allowed to express issues/concerns without being interrupted or talked over, to allow all voices to be heard. All members in attendance agreed and believe that members need to be able to express opinions and beliefs in a safe/supportive environment.
  • Discussion was raised regarding each group’s use of the monies raised from the 7th. All groups are using funds at the local level to carry the message eg literature, area activities. One group has decided to pass funds to the LSC; 2 groups in attendance have decided to hold funds until more information on fund distribution is provided by the LSC.
  • Current minutes from this meeting forward to be uploaded to the NA Australia website only AFTER having been ratified by present members of the meeting.
  • Meeting Raids: Deception Bay to continue organising meeting raids on the last Saturday of each month. Last month a group of roughly 20 members convoyed up to the Nambour Steps meeting after having dinner at a Nambour burger bar. Fellowship and fun was had by all in attendance. Next raid is being organised for Alexandria Hills and Deebs is currently communicating with Sheridan of AH meeting about a dinner venue that is within close proximity to the hall.
  • Deebs communicate with Chrissy of Sunshine Coast about taking on the Caboolture Hospital H & I. North Brisbane is willing to take on the commitment just need to know the details to start a roster of members.
  • Northside members looking at organizing a camp. GSR to find out if NA insurance covers private property, as a member has a property available. If not groups to look at venues available and discuss possible dates. Michele to discuss with Gold Coast members about how they organize such events, possibly communicate with World Service.
  • Northside members looking at another BBQ as members would like to see this take place every 3 months.   Tentative date 21st July, 2018 at the same venue.
  1. DBay – Salads
  2. Strathpine – Drinks/bread/ice
  3. Caboolture – meat/esky/ice
  4. Sandgate – tea/coffee/plates/cutlery/condiments/fruit platters/bickies and dips



Northside Rep to discuss the following at LSC:

  • Fund flow under the new service structure
  • Agenda/Minutes/Communication from LSC to groups
  • Insurances regarding activities
  • What services the LSC provide; phone line, H&I, public relations, outreach and activities.



7th Tradition collected:            current funds $54


Next meeting:                                             8th July 2018


Jackie to chair and Michele to minute.


John to organize venue.



Central Queensland Narcotics Anonymous Group Support Forum


Meeting start – 10:45am

Facilitator- Mustafa (Mus)

Minuets- Danette

Attendees – Mus, Merv, Indy, Lorin, Sean, Lee, Shane, Stewey, Michael, Danette, Eric

Apologies – Tammy, Nikki

GSF commenced with a moment of silence followed by a general rundown of what a GSF is about.

Did an I.D. around the table, clean time, home group, and service position.

Had a discussion about which topics the group members were most interested in tabling and discussing. Came to a group consensus about what to discuss.

Topics we committed to bringing to the table were;

1. Financial / Banking situation

2. Wednesday night Rockhampton meeting

3. Unity day / convention

4. Service positions and separating service positions

Topic One –

Discussion around how the 7th is currently being stored. Indy (CQ Treasurer) proposed setting up a bank account.

It was also noted that the Yeppoon & Emu Park meetings had been supporting the Rockhampton meeting with literature and resources to date.

Members spoke about how in other fellowships they had opened a bank account ensuring there were two signatories.

Action – Indy will look at what’s involved in setting up a bank account and bring her findings back to the group via Mus.

Topic Two –

Discussed how we aren’t comfortable with not having to pay rent for the meeting held on Wednesday nights at the Gumbi Gumbi rehab in Rockhampton. A few members were not happy with the fact that it isn’t in line with our traditions (7th) and how can we change this.

Action – Danette to make an appropriate time make an appointment with the Manager at Gumbi and propose that we pay a fee / make a donation to ensure we are keeping in line with our self-supporting traditions. Mus and Danette to attend.

Topic Three –

Discussion around Unity Day / Convention and how much work is involved in running one of these. Mus discussed the intricacies in pulling off a successful convention with other NA members experienced in Convention Committees and fed back some of the challenges involved.

Stewy then bought to the table his AA experience and how he has organized a weekend Recovery event before. Suggested that since NA is relatively in its infancy in the Capricornia Region that this might be a better idea than going straight into trying to hold a convention. So then it was discussed that perhaps we should have a unity weekend instead of jumping straight into a convention.

People then bought to the table ideas of possible venues where this could happen it was suggested that PCYC / Cool Waters Holiday Park as potential venues as they can cater for all budgets. It’s a location that has cabins, dorms and camping grounds.

It was also suggested that Lake Awaunga could be a possible location.

Stewy suggested that Great Keppel Island would be a good place for a unity day as well.

Action – Indy to do research on the PCYC option also possibly approaching the department of education on North Keppel Island. Stewy to do research on the Lake Awunga option too.

Topic 4 –

Service positions and allocating service positions

Yeppoon Meeting

Tammy – Secretary

Indy – Treasurer

Mus – GSR

Sean – Milk and bickies

Emu Park Meeting

Danette nominated Lorin as the Secretary of the Emu Park meeting and a a concencus from the group agreed which she happily accepted.

Lorin – Secretary

Indy – Treasurer

Mus – GSR & milk and bickies

Rockhampton Meeting

The Rockhampton meeting has historically had a transient membership / attendees, very few to no Home Group members, and service positions have been inconsistent. As only 2 Rockhampton members were present at the GSF, it was decided that a group conscience will be held on the 11/4/18 to try and allocate some service positions.

General Business

There were discussions / suggestions that we need to be educating the members early in recovery / and members from other 12 step fellowships on how to be less judgemental and that were are all on a journey. How we can best support each other in listening for the similarities and not the differences. How also to best “share” at a meeting. Suggested that this can done by setting an example in the way that the older cleaner members share. Possibly having a workshop about ‘how to best carry the message.’

We talked about making sure that we have the same pre amble across all meetings in CQ e.g. suggesting if anyone wants to make this meeting their home group all members raise their hand and see someone afterwards, mention that Alcohol is a Drug and we abstain from all drugs etc.

There was discussion in the group regarding whether or not a separate literature person needs to be appointed as this has been the role of the Treasurer to date. No change to this was decided upon.

Current 7th balance = $120

Miscellaneous Actions –

  1. Mus to share everyone’s numbers so that information can be shared accordingly and with everyone’s consent.
  2. Everyone (members) to text Mus their email addresses

Recepts were submitted and 7th for Rocky meeting to Treasurer

Date for next GSF will be on the 12/5/18

Facilitator – Indy

Minute taker – Lorin

Time & Venue – 10:30am @ Rockhampton Botanical Gardens

GSF closed at 12:25pm with the addict’s prayer and the group collective of the serenity prayer.

Group Reports

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