CAIRNS GSF 1/6/19 3.30 PM.

Meeting opened 3.30 pm

Facilitated by Hamish, Tony minute taker

Present Hamish, Danni , Ange, Tony ,Charly, Krishna.

Friday & Saturday night venue 10 Thomas st nth cairns . Venue now owned by another operator .   The 29/6/19 will be the final meeting at this venue unless negotiations are successful, unlikely at this stage.

Girl guides hall nearby will be our back stop venue. Ange will open discussions with Guides to see if we can secure a rental agreement instead of the per head charge in place currently.

Hamish will continue investigating alternative venues.


Phone line. Kingsley has resigned & Hamish has stepped in.

Consensus reached to spruik for phone line volunteers at end of meetings. Also for PR volunteers.

Any volunteers please call Hamish 0478078456.

Ange circulated phone line basics from NAWS.


Charly has been selected as our new GSF delegate.

Thanks Charly.

LSC at this stage is planned for august 10 & 11 in Brisbane.

Due to Monday and Wednesday meetings not being represented at this GSF we will get the minutes in hard copy delivered to them.




GSF continued into our PR workshop facilitated by Hamish.

The PR committee already has a comprehensive list of services we deliver meeting lists and literature to. This was discussed .

This list was amended and will be acted on this week and next.

List of potential sites to get permission from for hanging banners.


Meeting closed with serenity prayer at 5.20 pm

Next GSF scheduled for 3.30 pm on 31/august 2019 at a venue to be decided.


Tony S.


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