Present. Ange, Hamish, Krishna, Tanya, Kingsley, Jan, Neville, Tony, Damon & Ben.
Apologies… Fiona & Mark.

Facilitator…Ange. Minute taker Tony.
Meeting started at 3.30 pm.

1 Serenity prayer.
2. Service Prayer.
3.Approval of previous minutes
4. Any business arising from previous minutes?
New Business
1 Phone line for Cairns.
Discussion about new phone carrier due to NBN rollout in June 18 causing our current phone bill to rise dramatically.
Tony provided emails from “E VOICE “ for a new carrier.
Need to confirm changeover from Telstra to Evoice … 4 – 6 week delay to Port our existing no to new service.
Decided to go with “Evoice” Tony to coordinate.
Discussion about future use of 1300 national NA number. Perhaps enhancing the function of the 1300 number so anyone who calls it gets diverted to a local NA number in his or her vicinity.
2.PR update. Ange … Time for another literature run to the facilities we serviced last year. Ben, Hamish and Krishna will distribute. Tony to procure literature ASAP.
GSF DELEGATE. Ange has rolled out of the position and the Alt is no longer in a position to fulfill role.
Decision… To announce at meetings and see who steps up. Delegate will need to travel south twice yearly and attend local GSF meetings where possible.
Many thanks to Ange for her diligence and effort as past delegate.

3.Tuesday night meeting needs a Secretary and Treasurer. Many thanks to Mark D. for his continued service at group and GSF level.
Saturday night also needs a Secretary and Treasurer
4. Do we want another traditions workshop?
Yes. Tradition 1 on Sat 17/3 at 7.30 pm Venue in town yet to be decided.
Will be a BYO curry night.
5.There was a Question & Answer time re new Greater Queensland Service Board
Tony answered to the best of his abilities.
6. Cairns still has $49.00 in hand from our first traditions workshop on trad. 7.
Decision made to put the money into an “Office Works” printing card, for the purpose of printing our local meeting lists. Hamish to hold card.

Next local Cairns GSF meeting Saturday 7/4/18 at Thomas St. at 3.30 pm.
Meeting closed at 5.15 pm with the Serenity prayer.
Tony S.

Meeting Minutes

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