Hospitals & Institutions Hub

Hospitals and Institutions (H&I) service is the primary way NA members carry the NA message to addicts that cannot regularly attend scheduled NA meetings because they are confined to a hospital, rehabilitation facility or correctional centre.

The Northern Australia H&I Hub plays a central role in H&I service delivery to the Northern Territory and Queensland (with the exception of the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast service areas) by initiating, coordinating and conducting H&I presentations and meetings.

The H&I Hub also provides the following:

  • Prepares H&I policies and guidelines
  • Serves as a link to Regional H&I
  • Supports members to facilitate H&I presentations/meetings
  • Serves as a distribution centre for H&I literature
  • Conducts learning days and workshops
  • Acts at the single point of accountability for all area H&I services 

Getting Involved in H&I

If you would like to be placed on a rehab, detox or correctional centre roster, please complete and submit the Expression of Interest form. Roster commitments can vary from fortnightly to monthly depending on which roster you sign up for.  If you’re uncertain if H&I is for you, we can arrange for you to attend an H&I meeting as an observer.

The current H&I service opportunities are as follows:

  • Caboolture Mental Health Unit
  • Chermside Mental Health Secure Facility
  • RBWH Hospital Alcohol and Drug Service (HADS)
  • Moonyah (Rehab)
  • Logan House (Lives Lived Well)
  • Lives Lived Well (Caboolture)
  • Southern Queensland Correctional Centre (Gatton)
  • Brisbane Women’s Correctional Centre
  • Helana Jones Correctional Centre (Female)
  • Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre (Male)
  • Online (National) Monday night Qld and NT rehabs

Click here to go to the Expression of Interest form

The H&I Hub will send a confirmation email with further information and connect you with the relevant H&I Coordinator(s).

Information provided in the EOI form is stored securely and will not be shared with third parties.

Clean Time Requirements

Clean time requirement for non-secure facilities (Detox and Rehabs) is 3 months to observe and 6 months to facilitate.

Clean time requirement for correctional H&I is a 12 month minimum, however we accept applications at 6 months to allow for security clearance processing times.

General Questions for H&I click here to fill in the form.