QLD Gov COVID19 Electronic Contact Tracing Requirements

Along with following government guidelines and restrictions for gatherings and events, QLD groups are now required to ensure they electronically record all people that are on site during their meetings to enable contact tracing. There are a few options you can use to do this: Ensure all your visitors sign in using your Venue’s QLD […]

NA Today Agents Needed

NA Today is always seeking content from members. They have created a service role called NA Today Agents who are responsible for seeking out stories from the members in their area. If you are interested check out the below information and email: natoday@na.org.au

Service Position – Alternate RCM

Alt RCM position is open for advertising. Anyone wishing to become Alt then RCM please apply by filling in the regional service template & forwarding it to the NANASA board. RCM position becomes vacant after November 2020 ARSC. The selection process will be sorted probably online owing to Covid -19, to allow a timely handover […]


Introductions & apologies. Welcome to new members Counting of voting RCM’s to establish a quorum Service prayer Reading of 12 traditions and 12 concepts Approval of previous minutes Business arising? Announcement of speaker jam held on Saturday night 20/7/19   Reports. Outreach Informed ARSC of the ongoing discussions between themselves and NSW corrections are nearing […]

BRIEF REPORT ARSC NOV 2018. 1) Recommended all groups / areas keep pushing the NAWS survey for 2018. 2) Vision of service banners, 1m x 1 m cost $17.00 vinyl. Any groups / areas GSF’s want one… I’ll source photos. This is to go back to groups. 3) Spiritual Principal a day book. Which is […]