Regional Service Positions Open – Nominations Due 5 July 2024

Disappointingly, many positions on the Australian Regional Service committee remain unfilled as of March. A range of service roles on the Australian Regional Service Committee remain vacant, thus providing an opportunity for NA members to serve the Australian Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous at the Regional level.

Once again, we invite all interested NA members to view the Positions Vacant page on the NA website. If you would like to nominate for a position, please refer to the following Nomination Form.

Nominations are due on or before Friday 5 July 2024, and elections will be held from 11am on Sunday 14 July 2024. See details on the Event Listing.

Fellowship Service provides a rewarding opportunity for NA members to express their gratitude by giving back to the program that has given them a new way of life.

Please spread this news with your friends in recovery and talk to your sponsor about how you might be of service to the ARSC.

Please contact your Regional Committee Member (RCM) if you have any questions in the first instance, or email the Secretary of the ARSC at

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