H&I Hub Meeting and Women’s Prison Meeting Group Conscience Minutes – July 2020

H&I Hub Meeting and Women’s Prison Meeting Group Conscience Minutes

Date: 18 July, 2020

Venue: Online

Attendees – Meredith C (Chair/Minutes), Victoria S, Ally D, Sarah M, Siarah K, Yvonne D, Jason T

Apologies – Fran H

H&I Hub Meeting Format

  • Group decision to retain the online format for H&I Hub meetings
  • Group decision to change the H&I Hub meeting time to 5-6pm 

H&I Literature

  • NA@Home donating starter kits to go into various H&I institutions
Action Member Responsible Status
Contact FSO to request donated H&I texts (5th edition) for correctional facilities Meredith C  

Northern Australia H&I Activity

Brisbane Immigration Transit Accommodation and Fraser Compound (Detention Centre), Pinkenba

  • Cam W to handover this project to the H&I Hub
Action Member Responsible Status
Discuss handover process with Cam W Meredith C  


  • No current H&I activity in Toowoomba.
Action Member Responsible Status
Approach Sunrise Way to determine interest in joining online H&I presentations Meredith C  

Townsville (Sarah M)

  • Small fellowship
  • Working toward delivering H&I at the Townsville Women’s Correctional Centre
    • Three women cleared including Sarah, one application pending
    • Connect Meredith C with Gay Reynolds, Manager Support Services
  • Approached by ATODS and Ozcare to undertake speaker presentations
Action Member Responsible Status
Connect Meredith C with Gay Reynolds Sarah M  

South East Queensland Online H&I Presentations

  • H&I Hub advised HADs is moving back to face to face meetings and their roster is no longer able to support weekly online H&I presentations
  • Last SEQ H&I presentation was Monday, July 6
  • Hader Clinic referred to Regional Online H&I to ensure presentation continuity

Regional Online H&I

  • Discussed proposing a second online presentation to Regional H&I Subcommittee to involve more treatment facilities and NA members interested in H&I
  • Online presentations currently held weekly on Monday evenings from 7-8pm
  • Open to treatment facilities Australia wide
  • Members Australia wide are invited to join the speaker roster (6-month minimum clean time)
  • H&I Hub Chair spoke with Sunshine Coast (Pete K) regarding:
    • Participation in regional online H&I meetings
    • Was referred to Sunshine Coast H&I Chair (Lee H) for follow up on face to face H&I meetings
Action Member Responsible Status
Contact Regional H&I Subcommittee to discuss proposal for second online presentation Meredith C  
Refer Ally D and Jason T to Regional Online H&I as observers Meredith C  
Promote H&I roster opportunities for Regional Online H&I at meetings; encourage interested members and early recovery members to sit in as observers All Ongoing

Correctional Facilities

Online Corrections Project

  • H&I Hub Chair contacted Gold Coast H&I Chair (Hannes S) and Numinbah Coordinator (Nicole S) to discuss Numinbah Correctional Centre as an online QCS pilot project site
  • Outline of pilot project proposal emailed to Gold Coast Chair and Coordinator for discussion at with Gold Coast H&I Subcommittee
  • H&I Hub and Women’s Prison Roster participants provided feedback on online pilot project sites with Numinbah put forward as the preferred site (low security, set-up more straightforward)
  • H&I Hub Chair contacted H&I Online Committee for CSNSW set-up and presentation details:
    • NA speaker is set-up with a Just Connect account by Eda (H&I Online Committee member) and downloads software (WebEx Teams)
    • Presentation booking for NA moderator, NA speakers and inmates made through Just Connect by Eda (H&I Online Committee member)
    • Booking request is forwarded to security for association checks
    • Invitation email is sent by CSNSW to all parties advising day, time and WebEx Teams VMR (virtual meeting room) details
    • On the assigned day and time, the facility and the speakers dial into the allocated VMR (virtual meeting room) using WebEx Teams and two-way video.
    • Speakers wait to be connected with prisoners

Face to face meetings

  • Brisbane Women’s Correctional Centre recommenced July 10
    • First meeting back went well, seven women attended
    • Virtual non-NA visits working well at BWCC
    • Decision made to meet at the gatehouse closer to 1pm
  • Southern Queensland Correctional Centre recommenced July 3
    • First meeting back small but went well
    • Virtual non-NA visits in place
  • Helana Jones Centre
    • Waiting on recommencement date

Brisbane Youth Detention Centre

  • Women’s Prison Group interested in doing H&I at this facility
Action Member Responsible Status
Follow up call to Helana Jones Centre Meredith C  
Source Brisbane Youth Detention Centre contact details Meredith C  

 Men’s Correctional Facilities

  • No face to face meetings up and running at this stage
  • Waiting on 5-6 security clearance applications (submitted March 29) to be processed by QCS
  • Group decision to proceed with NA male recruitment drive once roster is established
  • H&I Hub Chair spoke with Sunshine Coast (Pete K) regarding:
    • Offered Hub support to establish meetings at Woodford Correctional Centre
    • Provided overview of online correctional facility pilot project
    • Was referred to Sunshine Coast H&I Chair (Lee H) to discuss working collaboratively to establish Woodford meetings

SEQ Men’s Correctional Facilities:

  • Arthur Gorrie (remand)
  • Wolston Correctional Centre (protection)
  • Brisbane Correctional Centre (primary SEQ reception area for sentenced prisoners and maximum security unit), formerly Sir David Longland Correctional Centre
  • Woodford Correctional Centre


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