H&I Hub Minutes – 20 August, 2020

H&I Hub Meeting Minutes

Date: 20 August, 2020

Venue: Online

Attendees – Meredith C (Chair/Minutes), Victoria S, Peter M

Apologies – none offered


Northern Australia H&I Activity

Brisbane Immigration Transit Accommodation and Fraser Compound (Detention Centre), Pinkenba

  • Cam W has handed this project back to the H&I Hub to progress once social distancing restrictions are lifted at the Centre.


  • No current H&I activity in Toowoomba.
  • H&I Hub to approach Sunrise Way to invite the rehab to part of online H&I presentations.
  • Call made to Sunrise Way CEO, Louise Sanderson in August, left message.


Member Responsible Status
Follow up with Sunrise Way to determine interest in joining online H&I presentations Meredith C

Regional Online H&I

  • Regional Online H&I Subcommittee is moving forward with second online weekly presentation for Wednesday night.
  • Members Australia wide are invited to join the speaker roster (6-month minimum clean time).

Gold Coast

  • Gold Coast rehabs (Mirakai, Fairhaven and Currumbin Clinic) are well positioned to approach regarding online H&I presentations.
Action Member Responsible Status
Contact Anthony to follow up H&I Hub invitation for Gold Coast rehabs to join Wednesday night online H&I meeting Meredith C  
Promote H&I roster opportunities for Regional Online H&I at meetings; encourage interested members and early recovery members to sit in as observers All Ongoing

 Correctional Facilities

 Online Corrections Project

  • Update from QCS – Tamara met with IT early August. Hopeful IT will advise start of online H&I trial in a couple of weeks at Numinbah Correctional Centre and Wolston Correctional Centre.
  • Waiting on Gold Coast Service Area feedback about progressing Numinbah Correctional Centre as an online QCS pilot project site.
Action Member Responsible Status
H&I Hub to contact Anthony for GC Service Area response to proposed trial Meredith C

Women’s Correctional Centres

  • Brisbane Women’s Correctional Centre
    • Face to face meetings commenced in July and are going well
    • Average attendance of 8-10 women
  • Southern Queensland Correctional Centre recommenced
    • Face to face meetings commenced in July and are going well
    • Average attendance of 6 women
  • Helana Jones Centre
    • Face to face meetings commenced in July and are going well
    • Meeting attendance has increased noticeably with average attendance of 7 women

Women’s Correctional Centre Flyer

  • The Women’s Prison Roster Group is developing a flyer to be used across all SEQ facilities including Numinbah to raise awareness that NA information sessions take place in all four facilities, flyer will include details about request process.

Brisbane Youth Detention Centre

  • Women’s Prison Group is seeking contact details for the Centre to determine their interest in receiving H&I information sessions.

 Men’s Correctional Facilities

  • Three SEQ male security clearances cleared, one refused.

Lotus Glen Correctional Centre

  • Lack of H&I roster support has meant H&I meetings have been suspended.
  • Centre indicated interest in using virtual visit IT to facilitate H&I.

Woodford Correctional Centre

  • No face to face meetings up and running at this stage.
  • No response to date from Sunshine Coast H&I Chair to progress meetings at Woodford Correctional Centre.
  • Non-Sunshine Coast members with clearance are willing to attend Woodford.
Action Member Responsible Status
H&I Hub to contact Pete K regarding progressing H&I information sessions at Woodford Correctional Centre Meredith C

Brisbane Correctional Centre

H&I Hub to contact BCC to offer H&I meetings.

Action Member Responsible Status
H&I Hub to contact Bill Warwick at Wolston Correctional Centre for BCC referral. Meredith C

SEQ Men’s Correctional Facilities:

  • Arthur Gorrie (remand)
  • Wolston Correctional Centre (protection)
  • Brisbane Correctional Centre (primary SEQ reception area for sentenced prisoners and maximum security unit), formerly Sir David Longland Correctional Centre
  • Woodford Correctional Centre

H&I Literature

  • NA@Home donating starter kits to go into various H&I institutions
  • H&I Hub has access to donated Just for Today and Basic Texts for correctional facilities
  • Literature order placed, delivery to Meredith C



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