NA Northern Australia Service Board Meeting minutes held on 29/05/202

NA Northern Australia Service Board Meeting minutes

Location:  Virtual Zoom
Meeting ID: 487 569 8440
Pass code 865364
Meeting Link
Date:   29th May, 2023
Time:  7 pm
Facilitator:  Brad
Minutes: Sami
Attendees: Brad; Nathan; Meredith; Sami; Michael;
Apologies: John C.

1.1. Chair’s welcome.
1.2. Service prayer:
God, grant us the knowledge that we may act according to your divine precepts. Instill in us a sense of your purpose. Make us servants of your will and grant us a bondage of selflessness, that this may truly be your work, not ours – in order that no addict, anywhere, need die from the horrors of addiction.
1.3. Acknowledgement of Country
Today we stand in footsteps millennia old. May we acknowledge the traditional owners whose cultures and customs have nurtured, and continue to nurture, this land, since men and women awoke from the great dream. We honour the presence of these ancestors who reside in the imagination of this land and whose irrepressible spirituality flows through all creation.
1.4. ID of those present
1.5. Apologies.

2.1. RCM
2.1.1. Region will be held this weekend (3rd & 4th June); Brad requested the treasurer report from Michael;
2.1.2. Brad requested funding for his airfares and accommodation in accordance with NA policy
2.1.3. An email was sent out with the information that came out of the World Service Convention to each board member;

2.2. Treasurer
2.2.1. Reports are posted on the web
2.2.2. Discussion held on low fund flow from sub-accounts;
2.2.3. Sami suggested printing out slips of paper with 7th Tradition details for people to take with them; Michael will send Sami the bank account details and she will use the template she has to prepare them and email them back.

2.3. H & I Hub
2.3.1. Caboolture Mental Health Unit – no longer available to NA due to the staff member we had a connection with leaving their employment;
2.3.2. Chermside Mental Health Secure Facility – has moved from a fortnightly to a monthly meeting; John has oversite of that roster so no report on its progress;
2.3.3. RBWH Hospital Alcohol and Drug Service – no updates, this will keep rolling on at this stage; Rachel looks after the roster
2.3.4. Moonyah (Rehab) – group discussed the importance of roster non-attendance
2.3.5. Logan House (Lives Lived Well) – no update
2.3.6. Lives Lived Well (Caboolture) – facility is sending clients to external NA meeting;
2.3.7. Online H&I (Monday night Qld and NT rehabs) – has a healthy roster; usually 2 to 3 rehabs join that meeting; the number of chairs has increased;
2.3.8. Mark Street Residence, New Farm (26 bed boarding house for males and females) – not going ahead at this stage;
2.3.9. SQCC – Meredith is to meet with the senior program manager to discuss low attendance numbers; Meredith is to follow up with AA member who is also experiencing low numbers;
2.3.10. BWCC – have 3 women on the roster; 2 will be inducted early June; roster to be up and running on a monthly basis;
2.3.11. HJC – has a fortnightly meeting which is going well with good attendance;
2.3.12. Arthur Gorrie – just waiting on security clearance

2.4. LSC – Strategic Group Service Planning
2.4.1. John proposes that we reinstate “traditional” LSC meeting for all Qld and NT. Just have GSR’s report to the group and then a call for comments/suggestions/questions. A basic discussion to end the group. Suggest that the meeting be simple, short and facilitated.
Rationale : it would give all groups the opportunity to participate in something greater than their area.
– a chance to discover what other areas are doing
– a chance for people to be involved in area service.
2.4.2. Nathan prepared a draft agenda which covers the above; Nathan to include in the draft agenda for the next LSC nominations for board membership; Next LSC to be held on the 6th August via zoom; Sami to book zoom for 10am to 12pm and will post it on the website; Nathan will email the amended agenda to Sami to distribute to the board; Sami to email the board her contact list of GSFs.

2.5. PR
2.5.1. Qld Rail advertising – per John’s email; general discussion held and all members agreed that we should go ahead; Michael advises we do have the funds; John to start the process and make it happen;
2.5.2. At the Capricorn Coast Group Conscience it was decided to separate Capricorn Coast from Rockhampton instead of having all three meetings as one group. Therefore, Emu Park and Yeppoon remain under NA Cap Coast, and Rockhampton will be standalone.

2.6. Website
2.6.1. Sami has been given administration access to our section of the website and has had initial training from Bruce on how to update the website; Meredith and Sami to get together

2.7. Board enquiries and contacts – email/ mail / etc.
2.7.1. Emails:

From: Re:
John C. Minutes of Board Meeting
Meredith, & John My reply to Rouz
Bruce G. Brisbane Meditation online meeting
Brad Request for Nathan’s email
Bruce G. Website admin rights and training
PR NA Request for zoom meeting
Michele H. Do not send NA Today Books
PR NA Minutes from NA Central Qld and Capricorn Coast GSF
PR NA Apology for John at the next board meeting
AltRCM NA World Service Conference information
Michael B. Board meeting agenda item
Varinia Street Fund Flow request
Rouz Enquiry as to when next board meeting was to be held
H&I Queensland rail campaign
Rouz Reply to agenda for board meeting
Michael Boyer Scammer trying to get $200
Nathan S. Proposed agenda for LSC to be discussed at board meeting

2.7.2. Mail: 2 letters from inmates; Brad has forwarded one to Sami and one to Nathan

2.8. New Items
2.8.1. JFT Daily Online Meeting Queensland is looking to have a NANASA Sub-account set up and share an existing Zoom account; Sami to organise the zoom meeting and Michael will organise the sub-account;
2.8.2. Thursday Night Men’s meeting looking to change their start time;
2.8.3. Brisbane Meditation online – Bruce advised Sami that they have found who is running this meeting


Item to be actioned Person Responsible Due Date Status
Website Update Sami & Meredith TBA Ongoing
Need for a literature coordinator Meredith TBA Ongoing
Recruit more board members Everyone LSC Ongoing
Covid restrictions in prisons Meredith Next board meeting Closed
Bailey Henderson Hospital need meetings? Meredith TBA Closed
Contact Qld Rail re: rotating digital signs John C. TBA Ongoing
Email Chermside Secure Mental Health Facility John C. TBA Closed
Letters received from correctional facilities to be forwarded on to Sami or Nathan Brad Next board meeting In progress
Enquiry through Website about updates on the Northern Australia part of the website Sami Next board meeting Closed
Draft LSC agenda Nathan Next board meeting Closed
Infoxchange requesting Agency Details Update (QLD) Sami Next Board meeting Closed
Email Rouz regarding his enquiry Sami Next Board Meeting Closed
Bank account detail slips for 7th Tradition Sami Next board meeting  
Follow up with AA member about SQCC low attendance numbers Meredith Next board meeting  
Agenda for LSC to be finalized and emailed to Sami for distribution to the board Nathan Next board meeting  
Zoom booked for LSC on 6th August 2023 and post event on website Sami ASAP  
Email contact list of GSFs to board Sami ASAP  
JFT Daily online meeting request to use our zoom account Sami ASAP  
JFT Daily online meeting request for a sub-account Michael ASAP  

4.1. Next meeting Monday 26th June, 2023 at 7pm
4.2. Serenity prayer in the plural:
God, grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change. The courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

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