Logan GSF August 2023 Minutes

Logan City Groups Service Form Minutes
Meeting opened at 12pm

Chairperson chosen: Krissy A; Minutes – Rayewyn
Service Prayer
Round the room introductions
NA Reading

Chair Krissy A
Peter Bethania Mon PM Group
Kellie Daisy Hill Tues PM Group
Jeff Waterford Wed PM Group
Dan Beenleigh Fri PM Group
Raye Park Ridge Saturday arvo Group
Wayne Loganlea Sunday arvo Group
Nina Observer
Jeremy Observer

Items for Discussion:

Chair briefly explained where the GSF fits into the Northern Australia Service Area structure.

Railway Project discussed. NA Posters with QR scan will be placed on trains in SEQ, on some exit doors, with expected exposure to 750,000 members of the public. Appreciation expressed for all involved in this project happening. This shows how PR events can start from a local level and end up such an expansive and worthwhile project.

Unity Day – World Unity Day is 2 September. Local groups support a local annual Unity Day however there may not be enough time to organise the event this year by Sept 2. suggestion that it be brought up for groups to discuss.

Waterford Meeting Fire at meeting issue: The issue was discussed with the owner of the shelter, who wants to have the fire, which is in a fire pit on an outside back covered area. Jeff explained NA Insurance Policy and requested there be no fire at the meeting. An outside gas heater was donated to the shelter to replace the need for heating in the meeting area. This was fine until some shelter clients attended Camp Serenity on the Gold Coast a week or two later and there was a campfire. This upset the shelter people as they couldn’t understand why and NA event can have a campfire and the shelter cannot have their pit fire. Member was informed that individual NA members may be held responsible for any accidents caused by a fire.
Suggestion is that the owner of the shelter sign a disclaimer for NA. Krissy offered to bring it up at the LSC to seek clarification of accountability.

Local Service Conference will be held Sunday 6 August. GSF participants advised time and Zoom link and invited to attend. Krissy to forward email with details of LSC to interested members.

Meetings needing support – please Announce
Waterford Wednesday night ( lots of newcomers)
Friday 10am meeting only has 2 members and low attendance

Meeting closed with Serenity Prayer at 12.50

Group Reports

Monday night Bethania
6 Home Group members & a few newcomers
Good Meeting with attendance up and down
Topic readings from Living Clean & Just For Today books$140 in account
Moved rooms – using big room
Holding $150 – need to top up NA books

Tuesday night Daisy Hill
Good numbers supporting group 15-20
Lots of newcomers attend
All service positions full
Tag meeting using Spiritual Principle A Day book
Rent due this week ($90)
Balance $120

Wednesday night Waterford (Shelter By Grace)
Meeting held at homeless shelter and meeting run by the shelter residents
Balance $45 – literature will be purchased for shelter as rent
Pit fire on shelter outdoor patio area
Jeff spoke to the owner re fire issue – further update and discussion at GSF

Thursday night Bethania – no report

Friday 10 am Springwood – no report
NB 2 members
needs support

Friday night Beenleigh
Topic meeting & Guest Speaker Monthly
Atmosphere feels good & had good feedback about Guest Speaker nights
Attendance from10 to 50 people
Groups support the idea of a yearly Unity Day gathering; not fussed about date.
$220 in the kitty
Rent paid til January 2024
Work is being undertaken by the community centre and doesn’t look to be going quickly so unsure of how many more weeks meeting will be in the small room.

Saturday arvo Park Ridge
Attendance 10 to 15 each meeting; Consistent attendance of home group members; supportive environment for newcomers.
Meeting reads from A Spiritual Principle A Day book
Rent up to date
$243.70 in kitty
No issues

Sunday 5pm Loganlea
10 to 15 in regular attendance
Requires Home Group members; service positions filled
1 month rent in prudent reserve
$26.20 in kitty
Group has some literature however struggling to get more due to cost of rent.

End of Reports

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