Logan GSF October 2023 Minutes

Logan City Groups Service Forum Minutes


Meeting opened at 12pm

Service Prayer

Round the room introductions

NA Reading

Chairperson: Jeff

Minutes: Kellie


Luke – Bethania Mon PM Group

Kellie – Daisy Hill Tues PM Group & 

Park Ridge Saturday arvo Group

Grahame – Waterford Wed PM Group

Nick – Bethania Thurs PM Group

Kris – (reporting for) Friday AM Group

Dan –  Beenleigh Fri PM Group

Loganlea Sunday arvo Group – not represented

Items for Discussion:

Old Business:

Unity Day:

Members interested in taking part will be meeting before next GSF (November) to bring ideas forward. Monday night (Bethania) will  host – would like help from members from other groups.


No GSR for Loganlea at meeting to advise GSF on changes.Some groups donated to Loganlea for Literature purchase. Some Groups declined contributing. (Tradition 7- Every group should be self supporting)

Discussed that Bethania groups could donate some literature to the venue in lieu of rent (Tradition 7).

New Business:

H&I Chair for NA (Northern Australia Area) in Brisbane advised that there is no feedback on Logan House H&I on a regular basis.  Raye (Coordinator of H&I Logan House) will follow up.


Meetings needing support – please Announce

Waterford Wednesday night ( lots of newcomers)

Friday 10am meeting only has 2 members and low attendance.

Share Unity Day information with group members.  Contact point: Jeremy.

Meeting closed with Serenity Prayer.

Group Reports

Monday night Bethania

Taboo Topics

Nothing to report & no financial report.

Tuesday night Daisy Hill

Attendance 20-30 Really good turnout

Literature up to date

Rent up to date

No financial report

No issues.

Wednesday night Waterford (Shelter By Grace)

Balance $20

Literature purchased.

Good Atmosphere of Recovery.

Issue: Group discussed changing format/topic.

Needs support for newcomers.

Thursday night Bethania 

Topic Meeting – good all round; changing meeting type.

Attendance 5-10

Michelle Treasurer.

No Financial Report.

No issues.

Friday 10 am Springwood 

Cass unable to attend – Krissy reported for her.

2 Members still keeping it open – Meeting still needs support

Attendance 4-5 people

Rent due – Group able to pay it (just).

No issues.

Friday night Beenleigh

Topic meeting & Guest Speaker Monthly is banging.

Attendance from 10 to 40 members

All service positions filled 

12 Home Group Members.

Main Hall re-opened; Kitchen renovated.

Need to purchase literature (Pamphlets).

Rent paid for the rest of the year.  Holding $388.10

Saturday arvo Park Ridge 

Topic: A Spiritual Principle A Day (SPAD BOOK)

Attendance 15 to 20 each meeting.

Rent up to date – November paid.

$307.70 in kitty

No issues

Sunday 5pm Loganlea

No Report.

End of Reports

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