Logan GSF January 2024 Minutes

Logan City Groups Service Forum (GSF) Minutes  06.01.2024

Meeting opened at 12pm at Bethania Community Centre.

Round the room introductions


Chair Kelly – Park Ridge Saturday Group (& Tuesday Daisy Hill Group)

Minutes: Syrah & Krissy A

Nick Thursday night Bethania Group

Jeff Monday Bethania Group

Kylie Sunday Loganlea Group

Callum Friday night Beenleigh Group


Michael H.

Krissy A





Wed pm Waterford

Items for Discussion:

Old Business:

1. Unity Day: 

Jeremy not in attendance and phoned an update through for inclusion in the Minutes.

Still sorting out rent issue for the centre. The centre manager does not want rent and when it was explained that we need to be self supporting, the centre wanted to charge $50 and hour. Given the venue will be needed it from 6 to 8 hours the cost is prohibitive, so Jeff is in negotiations with the centre management.  Jeremy explained that it probably will not be a free event now however no-one will be turned away, especially newcomers. Jeremy explained that the planning is still going well.

New Business:

1. Fund Flow

Discussion on Fund Flow of 7th tradition collections as some groups are holding a considerable amount of money and the Area is in need of money to fund the upcoming Convention. Beenleigh GSR enquired about how much groups are expected to Fund Flow and and it was explained that each group traditionally holds onto one months running costs (after expenses, such as Rent; Literature etc.) and pass the rest of the 7th onto the Area.

2. Proposed Convention.

Update from members that have been attending the Convention Committee. More will be revealed.

3. (Australia Day) Public Holiday Gathering.

26 January 2024. From 9.30am at Logan Gardens.

This is a family friendly park with playgrounds for the children. 

Members to bring their own food; chairs; kids etc.

Syrah has volunteered to get there early and mind a spot.

4. Contact List updated.

Minutes will be posted on na.org.au under the Northern Australia pages in the GSF section.

Group Reports

Monday night Bethania (Jeff)

Jeff provided a verbal report on behalf of the Group.

Holding $240 in kitty.

Sorting rent issue.

Tuesday night Daisy Hill

GSR Apology; No Report provided.

Wednesday night Waterford (Shelter By Grace)

Apology; No Report Provided.

Thursday night Bethania – GSR Nick

Meeting good.

Topic Meeting: JFT – going good.

Attendance improved.

Group has everything it needs.

Unable to supply a financial report.

Friday 10 am Springwood 

No GSR: No Report.

Friday night Beenleigh GSR Callum

Great attendance.

Suggested topics works well.

Suggested Guest Speaker once  a month – up to 50 per week. (average 30 -50).

18 Home Group Members – growing.

Literature order being undertaken; all stocked with key tags.

Rent paid until mid February 2024. Changing rent payments from yearly to 3 monthly rent payment.

Holding $648.15 in 7th.

Saturday Afternoon Park Ridge GSR Kellie

Meeting has been growing. Approximately 15-20 attendance on average.

Literature order done.

No issues.

Rent has increased from $12 weekly to $15 weekly.

January rent paid.

Holding $520.00

Sunday 5pm Loganlea GSR Kylie

Attendance from 10-20

Literature – full; donated by another NA group.

Rent $20 and Group thinks it is too much.

December Rent is paid.

Closing balance $98.10

End of Reports.


Can Groups Please fund flow excess funds to NA please:

Bank Account Details:

Account Name: NA Northern Australia Service Area

BSB: 034 026

Account: 574497

Description: Meeting Reference 

Given there is a big Convention in the planning for NA in Queensland and Northern Australia – money will be needed to fund this event.

Meetings needing support – please Announce

Waterford Wednesday night ( lots of newcomers)

Friday 10am meeting still only has 2 members and low attendance.

(Australia Day) Public Holiday 26 January: Gathering in the park at Logan Gardens (behind Police Station) from 9.30 am.

Bring own food & refreshments; chairs; picnic blankets; kids etc.  

Share Unity Day information with group members.  Contact point: Jeremy. (Bethania meeting)

Meeting closed with Serenity Prayer.

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