NA Public Liability Insurance Policy Update

Dear NA Members

You may have seen that the NA Public Liability Insurance Policy has been renewed for 23-24.

This updated Policy should be provided to Venues that are hired by groups and meetings.

A link is provided below to the website where all Insurance documents and guidance is provided.

Please bookmark this link and ensure that this information is communicated widely amongst groups and members.

It is very important that this information be communicated to all Areas and Members hiring venues and running events, as it is the organisers’ responsibility to ensure that:

  1. The event they are running is covered by NA’s insurance.
  2. If it is not clear if the event they are running is covered by NA’s insurance, that they ask the Treasurer to clarify the coverage with the insurer.
  3. For Camps and Overnight events that a Risk Assessment Plan be completed and provided to the Insurer. Cover is conditional on receipt of this Plan.

If you have any questions, please contact the Treasurer and Chair via email in the first instance at and


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