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NA Today 2023 Summer Edition – Spirituality

This summer issue of NA Today focuses on spirituality within our beautiful fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous

“We come from various walks of life and experience, so it is natural that we bring with us differing concepts of spirituality. In NA, no one is forced to believe any set ideas. Each one of us can believe in anything in which we want to believe. This is a spiritual program is not a religion. Individually, we cultivate our own beliefs about a Power greater than we are. No matter what we understand this Power to be, help is available to us all”.
It Works How & Why
Step Two
Pp. 15 – 16

NA Today – Fellowship Unity in Diversity

This issue discusses Fellowship Unity in Adversity and how as a fellowship, we gather together through difficult situations and create a safe atmosphere of connection, healing, and recovery.

NA Today Mid 2022 – Mental Health in Recovery

This issue discusses mental health in recovery and our journey of staying clean through testing times, how we can experience mental health in recovery and our experiences using.

As a fellowship, we are resilient individuals that keep it going one day at a time.