Logan GSF Minutes November 2023

Logan City Groups Service Forum (GSF) Minutes


Meeting opened at 12pm

Service Prayer

Round the room introductions

NA Reading

Chairperson: Jeff

Minutes: Kellie


Peter Bethania Mon PM Group

Rae Daisy Hill Tues PM Group & 

Kellie Park Ridge Saturday arvo Group

Jeff Waterford Wed PM Group

Nick Bethania Thurs PM Group

Kris (reporting for Cassie) Friday AM Group

Corinda Beenleigh Fri PM Group

Wayne Loganlea Sunday arvo Group – not represented

Jeremy Logan Unity Day Workgroup Coordinator




Items for Discussion:

Old Business:

Unity Day:

Program is sorted; 2 March at Bethania venue; Each group asked to donate $50 or whatever they can to fund the day; Free event but 7th Tradition baskets will be passed around. Kris enquired if the monies raised could be flowed toward putting on the NANA convention. 

Rae has contacted the H&I Chair for NA (Northern Australian Brisbane) and provided feedback on Logan House H&I on a regular basis.

Group Reports

Monday night Bethania

6 Home Group members & all service positions filled.

Recovery Topics: Group started going through the basic tools included in the Basic Text such as Who is an Addict; What is the NAProgram.

Attendance anywhere from 5 to 14 members.

Have put in a big literature order & have $40 in kitty.

Tuesday night Daisy Hill

5 Home Group members

Topic: Spiritual Principles readings from the SPAD book

Attendance around 30 

Rent up to date till January 2024 

Need to put in an order for key tags

No financial report

Wednesday night Waterford (Shelter By Grace)

Balance $65

Needs support for newcomers.

Thursday night Bethania 

Groups needs reliable Home Group members.

Attendance 4-10 members

Changed format.


No issues.

Friday 10 am Springwood 

Cass unable to attend – Krissy reported for the group.

Group desperate to fill all service positions; only one group member at the moment.

Attendees choose a topic each week from NA pamphlets.

Meeting still needs support

Attendance up to 4 people

Rent paid until the end of November.

Only literature available is NA pamphlets (free)

Balance of 7th Tradition in kitty $33.35

Friday night Beenleigh

Topic meeting & Guest Speaker Monthly is banging.

Re: service positions : Treasurer & Guest Speaker resigned & no replacements yet – Group Conscience being held next Friday.

Attracting new Home Group Members.

Need to purchase literature (Pamphlets).

Rent paid til February 2024.  Holding $570 last recorded.

Treasury absent.

Saturday arvo Park Ridge 

Few Home Group members; service positions filled. & slowly building up.

Topic: A Spiritual Principle A Day (SPAD BOOK)

Attendance 15 to 20 each meeting.

Rent up to date.

$413.25 in kitty

No issues.

Sunday 5pm Loganlea

All  service positions filled.

Meeting theme: JFT Readings.

Regular attendance of 10-15.

Rent up to date.

Growing literature stock.

$10.40 remaining.

End of Reports.


Meetings needing support – please Announce

Waterford Wednesday night ( lots of newcomers)

Friday 10am meeting still only has 2 members and low attendance.

NA Northen Australia (Greater Qld & NT) Area Convention

Committee Meeting Sunday 12 November at 1pm at Newfarm Neighbourhood Centre 

967 Brunswick St., Newfarm 

Share Unity Day information with group members.  Contact point: Jeremy. (Bethania meeting)

Meeting closed with Serenity Prayer.

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