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We have had many inquiries and questions about health concerns regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19). We have been asked to address some of the issues and provide support for groups and Areas.

As a fellowship we have no opinion on outside issues, and it is not our role to make statements regarding health issues. We encourage NA groups to discuss the situations you are facing and the options you have to provide safe environments for those who attend your meetings. This statement has been prepared taking into account feedback from our members, and the collective experience of NA as a whole and what we have learned from how other NA service bodies are responding to the issue.

Groups may want to consider and make format changes in regard to;

· Avoiding hugs and handshakes

· Refraining from holding hands and embracing to close a meeting

· Providing meetings with hand sanitiser, extra soap, wipes etc

· Consider not offering refreshments

These are just a few thoughts; we honour each NA group’s responsibility to discuss and determine what is best for their meeting.

We have become aware that some groups are already facing issues with venues they host meetings at closing temporarily. Each group should consider their options around where and how meetings can be held and what plans they have to contact members to advise of such closures, especially at late notice.

The Australian Regional IT committee has advised of the following protocol to notify of temporary closure of meeting.

If you are part of a home group which is under a temporary closure due to the situation at hand please submit a meeting change request advising of such closures and we will update the meetings list accordingly and mark the meeting as “Temporarily suspended”. When the meeting is ready to reopen reply to the original notification you received and we will update the status. https://www.na.org.au/multi/meeting-update-form/

Large events like conventions, unity days and retreats may also be affected by measures put in place by venues, and committees may want to consider undertaking a risk assessment in deciding whether to continue, reschedule or cancel events. If you are considering attending an event please contact the service committee responsible for hosting that event or meeting or visit na.org.au as the best resource for current information for local events and meetings.

Service Bodies who conduct services under the PR banner (H&I presentations and/or PI presentations) may want to consider conducting risk assessments in deciding whether to continue providing services or suspending. Care should be taken to adhere to any restrictions provided by the facilities. We recommend that service co-ordinators maintain regular contact with facilities and with volunteers and be mindful of maintaining good relationships with current facilities or potential PR opportunities.

You may want to contact your national or local public health agencies for specific guidance regarding meetings and gatherings. We are aware of the guidelines and recommendations provided by the Department of Health https://www.health.gov.au/health-topics/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov. The World Health Organization (WHO) may also be a resource https://www.who.int/

Regardless of group decisions each individual is responsible for their own health decisions. Recovery support can come in many forms not just in person meetings. In times like this use of the telephone and technology can help us feel connected. Information regarding Australian online meetings can be found here https://www.na.org.au/multi/online-meetings/ and international online meetings can be found here https://virtual-na.org/

We are hopeful that NA members and groups can continue to provide support for one another as we move through this current situation, and we will update this information as necessary in the coming weeks. You have our best wishes.

To see the response from NA World Services click here https://www.na.org/admin/include/spaw2/uploads/pdf/Coronavirus_web_message_12Mar.pdf

Australian Regional Service Committee Admin – 15th March 2020

Positions Vacant – Regional Service Committee

The following positions (along with their clean time) are becoming available on the Australian Regional Service Committee (ARSC) of NA.
Elections will take place on 22 March 2020. If you would like to apply please refer to the link to the nomination form below.
Assistant Treasurer (5 Years Cleantime req)
Na Today Vice Chair (2 years Cleantime req)
Outreach Chair (5 Years Cleantime req)
Outreach Vice Chair (4 Years Cleantime req)
Public Relations Vice Chair (2 Years Cleantime req)

Policy Subcommittee Members are also to be elected in.

If you have questions or would like to nominate please email secretary@na.org.au

Please fill in a nomination form from the link below and send to the secretary’s address above
Indigenous Artwork

Acknowledgement of Country Resource

The Indigenous Committee of the Australian Region of Narcotics Anonymous has provided an example of an Acknowledgement to Country.  Groups are encouraged to integrate this statement into their meeting format.

Ideally the acknowledgement of Country is read at the start of a meeting to set a tone of respect towards First Nations people.

Acknowledgement of Country is for use by Australian NA groups or at other NA events:

“This group would like to acknowledge and pay respect to the traditional custodians of the land on which we meet.

(optional: The…people of the ….Nation/example: The Wurundjeri and Boonwurrung peoples of the Kulin Nation.) It is upon their ancestral lands that we meet.

We pay respect to knowledge embedded forever within Aboriginal custodianship of country.
We pay respect to their Elders past and present and we pay respect to other Aboriginal people present.”

This information is always available under the Members Menu > Group Resources > Acknowledgement of Country.