H & I Prison Meeting Group

This is an invitation to NA members interested in taking the message of recovery into Queensland jails to attend a Prison Meetings Forum on:


Date:     Saturday, 24 August

Time:     10.15-11.15am

Venue: New Farm Library


We welcome NA members with experience of the prison system and H&I service work who would like to contribute to the establishment of new prison meetings.

We also welcome members who are interested in finding out more and/or participating in this incredibly rewarding service work.


The Forum will be hosted by the Women’s Prison Meetings Group to include:


  • Overview of the current prison meeting environment
  • Determine which Queensland prisons NA will approach to re-establish meetings
  • Establishment of a governance structure to develop and maintain prison meetings
  • How do NA members apply to be on the prison roster?
    • Clean time requirement
    • Security clearance and induction processes


We look forward to seeing you at the Prison Meetings Forum.

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