NANASA Accounts & Sub Accounts – UPDATE


Please be advised that last month (with encouragement and support of Region) the NANASA Board made the decision to create a new set of Westpac Community Solutions accounts. The new accounts were set up and commissioned last Friday (23/7/21) .

This change was made so the group of NANASA accounts (which continues to grow) could be completely autonomous. When the accounts were originally opened in 2019 some of the FSO’s details were used during the application process subsequently linking the to it. After the “change over” is done the NANASA accounts with be completely unaffiliated with the FSO.

The downside of this change is that all the original account numbers have changed (see below for details). Also all account signatories need to be reinstated in the new structure, I have started this process but require everyone’s detail once again.

All account funds have been moved across to the new corresponding accounts (as per below). Signatories will not be able to access the new account/s until I have added and authorised them in the new system.

The NEW ACCOUNT for groups and individuals to fund flow to our Area is (highlighted in green below): BSB 034 026  ACCOUNT 574497

Please help spread this information out to groups and members.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, or attend tonight’s board meeting.



Michael B.


Account Signatories, if I have not spoken to you yet please assist me by resending me your: Name, Westpac ID number, DoB, mobile number and email address.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


NANASA New Account Details v1.2
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